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HANDS DOWN one of my FAVORITE journals to use.  Why I'm obsessed ? 

It's big, spacious, and the lines on the paper are easy on the eyes.  Fits in almost all of my bags and you'll find me with an Eccolo journal with me wherever I go, 99.9% of the time.

Exciting thoughts  eccolo ltd journal 

Yet again, Eccolo comes through in the clutch with a stunning journal that both feels good to the touch and inspiring to the eye.

This is the kind of journal that gets a gal excited to spend some time with pen in hand.

Eccolo World Traveler Set of 3 Pocket Jotters 4 x 6"  

Perfect for the gal on the go, these pocket journals fit inside just about any handbag and are light and portable.

I love journals this side for traveling.  And baby, I see lots of travel in your future!