Ep:101 My 1st Aha Moment Of 2019

Do you ever wonder if you’re dreaming big enough?

With a lot of super-successful friends in business, Rachel has been thinking a lot about her goals this year, and recently she had a major breakthrough that she’s sharing on this episode.

Maybe you haven’t gotten what you’ve needed from a particular course or program because of what she reveals today too. That’s why if you’re considering making investments in yourself and your business in 2019, what Rachel talks about today is going to be so helpful.

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Ep:100 How to Create a Strategic Plan for Your Vision

WE MADE IT!  Episode 100!!! Thank you SO much to all our #LoyalLUNAtic listeners who've been along for the ride.

In this episode Rachel teaches you how to create a strategic plan for your vision so that you can have your breakthrough year, this year and every year after.

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Ep:96 How to Deal with Crappy Clients

This one was a little risky to publish, but the truth is, if you're in business for longer than 5 minutes you're going to deal with your share of crappy clients.

In this episode Rachel shares some of her best lessons learned for how to deal with crappy clients and what you can do to avoid them.

P.S. If you're a former or current client of Rachel's, RELAX! She's not talking about you.  Or is she... ;-p 

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Ep:95 3 Critical Steps to Manifesting

Manifesting seems to be a big buzz word, but the reality is, "think, believe, receive" isn't all you need to do in order to manifest your goals, dreams and desires.

There are actual steps you need to take if you want to manifest consistently.  Inspired by how her 10 year old daughter, Isabella manifested a puppy for their family despite Rachel suffering from pet allergies for decades, this episode provides a strategic look at the necessary steps to manifesting your desires.

This is a juicy episode and you won't want to miss it!

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Ep:93 How a Gucci Belt Got Me Back on Track

If you've ever struggled with yo-yo dieting, PTSD from traumatic food situations or ever fell short on your New Year's Resolutions for a healthier, fitter you - this episode's for you!

Listen as Rachel shares her strategies for overcoming her weight struggles, keeping promises to herself and finally getting something that's been on her vision board for years.

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