Ep:90 3 Ways to Manifest More through Journaling

Most people confuse keeping a diary with journaling.  The reality is that if you want to manifest more clarify, confidence and goals into existence, that's not going to happen by keeping a record of your current lifestyle.

You need to learn how to get your journaling to work for you.

In this episode Rachel shares:


  • how to start a powerful journaling practice

  • 3 ways to manifest through your journaling

  • and more!


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Ep:89 My Biggest Fails of 2018

Most people have a fear of both failing and succeeding, but the failing seems to be the scariest.  And no matter what you think or believe, the truth is that at every level there's a new fear waiting to greet you.

How you choose to think about and process it makes all the difference in how you can move forward

In this episode Rachel shares:


  • her biggest fails of 2018

  • powerful lessons she learned along the way

  • how you can make a powerful mindset shift about your own failures

  • and more!


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Ep:88 Validation vs Verification - An Excerpt Reading of my book, Girl, Confident

Have you ever found yourself asking people, “What do you think?” If so, you might be struggling with validation addiction.  When you’re constantly seeking validation from others, you start to settle for a life led by the needs, wants and desires of others rather than a life fueled by your dreams and passions.


In this episode Rachel breaks down:


  • The difference between validation and verification

  • why we make decisions by committee

  • how to have a breakthrough from validation and increase your confidence with decision making



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Ep:87 Resisting Resistance to Manifest More of What you Want

Ever find yourself full of ideas and excitement when you’re out and about but the minute you sit down in front of your computer your mind goes blank?  You might be experiencing RESISTANCE.

It's time to break loose from resistance so you can manifest more of your desires.

In this episode Rachel shares:


  • 3 strategies to resist resistance so you can start taking action and achieve your dreams.

  • What to do when you have two conflicting internal thoughts.

  • How to implement a powerful journaling practice and more!


Want to kickstart your results?  Grab a copy of Rachel’s new printed journal, Faith Activated Journal available http://www.rachelluna.biz/journal 

Don’t forget to order an extra copy for your best friends.  This journal is a great gift all year-round.

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Ep:86 Holiday Sales Strategies to Help You Make Bank

Tis the season to serve your people and make some money!  And in this episode, Rachel is going to help you do just that.

Here's what waiting for you in this episode:

  • The BIGGEST myth about selling during the holiday season

  • 5 Strategies to Boost Sales & Make More Bank

  • A listen to Rachel getting a lil' Puerto Rican (she just can't help herself sometimes)

  • And real life examples on how to apply these strategies.

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Ep:85 How to Generate Consistent Organic Leads ft Ashley Stahl

Organics leads - we all them, but how do we get them?

In this episode Rachel interviews Ashley Stahl, founder of Cake Publishing to break down exactly how to generate a consistent flow of organic leads.

Listen and learn:

  • How Ashley earned $5 Million dollars in a few months (and lost it all)

  • How she earned $60,000 in ONE month after she lost her millions (call her the comeback kid!)

  • How YOU can generate organic leads in your business that create a flow to keep your business going through the good and the bad

  • and so much more!


Learn more about Ashley and Cake Publishing over at https://www.cakepublishing.com/

Ep:84 How to Finish Strong & Start Fast

Did you know that most companies have their best financial months in the 4th Quarter?!  

No matter how this year has gone for you, there's still plenty of time for you to have your best months ever as we step into the final 8 weeks of 2018.

In this episode Rachel breaks down:

  • how she's gearing up to finish this quarter and make Nov + Dec her biggest months of the year.

  • 3 Mistakes she made that cost her money this year

  • The 4 Things she's doing to set herself up for her biggest first quarter to date in 2019.

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Also mentioned in this episode:



Ep:83 Permission to Offend

Friend, buckle up because this episode just might hit a nerve or (if Rachel does her job right) activate you to step into a whole new level of your truest self.

In addition to announcing the waitlist for her LIVE event conference, The Confident Ambition Tour 2019(get on the waitlist http://www.rachelluna.biz/atlanta ; waitlist members will get first access to tickets plus 50% off!), Rachel goes deep into:

  • why you have permission to offend

  • what it means when people judge you

  • how to feel good about being judged

  • how to call out victims and get them free from their story

  • and a whole lot more!

This episode is a MUST LISTEN for anyone who's been struggling with expressing their true self and have been battling with the judgments of others.

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