Ep:122 5 Event Planning Mistakes to Avoid

f you listened to last week’s episode you know that Rachel shared the aftermath of Confidence Activated. There were so many lessons to be taken from the event, and today she’s sharing with you 5 (plus maybe a bonus one or two!) of the most valuable lessons she took from the experience of planning and hosting this event.

Did you know there’s an actual formula for determining ticket prices? Rachel talks about the way she would use this to price her next event differently, and how she feels a fast start/short stop hurt her for ticket sales…

She also reveals how having more clarity could have led to having even more impact, and the moment she knew that she wasn’t promoting the event enough.

Like usual, you’ll get the real talk from Rachel as she shares actual numbers from the event, why she says that she improperly planned for profit, and the reason she still feels money was left on the table, even though the event was extremely profitable.

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