Ep:121 Confidence Activated The Aftermath

If you’re a regular listener of this podcast, or follow Rachel on any platform, you know that her first large-scale live event, Confidence Activated, just happened. With so many people asking her how it went, she thought it would be fun to do a little debrief today on the podcast, so you can get the full scoop!

Rachel will be talking about things like:

• How much the event cost, and if there was a profit made

• What she did to get over 200 attendees in the room, and how she would get even more there next time

• A question she got that really annoyed her (and why it did)…

• Ways to get sponsors and what to look for in one

• Whether or not to work with an event planner, tips for determining a budget and so much more!

There was so much to talk about that the next episode Rachel will be looking at 10 major mistakes that were made with this event, and the things that she and her team will never do again. You won’t want to miss this one!

Weren’t able to attend Confidence Activated in person? For a limited time recordings are available at http://confidenceactivated.com/!

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