Ep:118 Triumph over Trauma

Rachel has survived her fair share of trauma, and in today’s episode she’s helping a listener with hers. What is discussed in this episode isn’t meant to replace the type of therapy or healing you might find when consulting a licensed mental health professional, but it’s Rachel’s advice based on her own experiences and research. She’ll be looking at the traumatic effects of stress and trauma on our brains - and our quality of life in general.

If you’re in the “thick of things” you don’t have to stay there, or keep rehashing the same stuff over and over again. There’s more than one way to heal, and you will be your own best ally by researching and discovering what is best for you.

Your words are so powerful, so audit yourself this week and be conscious of what you are choosing for your life. Like Rachel tells the listener, none of us are promised tomorrow, so live and feel for the present moment. We triumph over trauma by recognizing that we have more control over our current situation than we believe we do!

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