Ep:113 Behind The Scenes: SCARY STUFF

As we get closer to Confidence Activated, Rachel is taking you behind the scenes to reveal the scary stuff that’s done, and is about to embark on. You’re not only going to hear how she’s processing these things, but there are a lot of lessons for you to learn in her story!

Wonder what it felt like for her to delete 7,000 people (yes, 7,000!) from an email list she spent years, and thousands of dollars, building? You’re going to hear why she decided to do it and what was going through her mind when she hit the DELETE button…

Rachel shares other irrational fears she’s felt, including those around hiring coaches she considers her peers, for BIG money. She knows she doesn’t have all the answers though, and if you learn to drop the ego, you’d be surprised what you can gain from others that you can then apply in your business.

It’s been a journey, but Rachel is holding herself to a higher standard, and you too get to choose your new way of being – every single moment.

Are you doing the things you know how to do, on a daily basis? If no, you need to reach out for support from others and push past your fears. Like everyone, Rachel may have fears, but she’s not scared to serve and support her people, and that’s her commitment to each and every person that attends Confidence Activated!

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