Ep: 115 Possibility vs Probability: How to REALLY Get What You Want

Rachel was inspired to record today’s episode by a conversation with a friend, and that conversation was about deciding what you want, and then doing it.

But…is it really that easy?

Maybe something always happens that derails your plans. As you’ll hear today, it could be because you’re carrying beliefs that are causing this to happen.

Anything is possible – but do you believe it’s probable? What if all you needed was faith, and the belief that what you want is going to happen (and not that it can happen).

When you lose faith, that’s when you’ll stop showing up, so don’t let someone else’s limiting beliefs limit yours.

Tune in to the end of the episode, because Rachel has a powerful moment of discovery, live on air, and uncovers the beliefs she’s been holding around money, and getting the 7-figure business she is after!

Most importantly, the only thing that counts is the actual actions you take, so she’ll be giving you a challenge in this episode. Are you ready to take massive action to make your dreams come true?

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