Ep:112 High-Ticket Sales with Maya Elious

Earlier this week I had the honor to bring Tiphani Montgomery on the podcast, and in this special bonus episode, I have another amazing speaker that will be on stage at Confidence Activate. Today Maya Elious is here to share her expertise on high-ticket sales, and how she helps her clients successfully charge more!

First Maya defines what “high-ticket” really means, and how she knows when people aren’t charging enough for their product or service.

She reveals her strategy for handling price objections, who she feels shouldn’t be investing in courses, and how your clients aren’t just looking to make more money…

You’ll hear who she works with, and why she is selective when making this decision, pricing strategies, her super-simple sales funnel, and why selling high-ticket products is actually easier for her to do than selling low-ticket ones.

If you’re looking to get confidence in selling, look no further, because Maya is going to show you how to get it!

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