Ep:114 Motherhood, Money & Mastering Faith feat. Patrice Washington

On today’s episode Rachel is talking with her incredibly real and successful friend, Patrice Washington. Patrice is “America’s Money Maven,” and she just happens to be speaking at Confidence Activated 2019, where she is sure to take the stage and blow you away!

In this episode Patricia opens up about the challenges she’s faced as a parent to her young daughter, and what she’s doing to become the best version of herself that she can be for her family. You’ll love how she’s doing this, and the sign that she acknowledged that led her to the answers she was seeking.

Patrice is a big believer that you don’t need to see the whole plan in front of you, but you do need to look for that first step. Today she talks about how she relies on God to guide her for the answers, and the two things that you’ll still need to succeed (even if you have faith in a higher power).

She reveals the bible verse and lesson that literally picked her up off the floor after losing everything 10 years ago, and what you can do when you aren’t getting the things that you want or feel like you deserve.

When it comes to wealth building Patrice is an expert, and she shares how her character needed to be ready in order for her to achieve wealth, and sustain it.

Patrice is now in a season where she loves all of herself and who she has become, and she’s able to see that her past success and failures have all built her up to receive what she has now. T

his is an episode that you’re going to want to listen to over and over, because it’s packed with wisdom, and to hear more, make sure to see Patrice speak live at Confidence Activated!

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