Ep: 106 Pleasure vs. Willpower featuring Susan Hyatt

Most women feel unhappy with their bodies, and they are at a point where feeling unhappy is considered “normal.” Rachel’s guest today is Susan Hyatt, the creator of the BARE process, whose work centers around changing this.

You’ll hear all about Susan’s new book, BARE, which is launching March 5th. She shares her process for writing the book, along the challenges she faced in getting its beautiful message out to the world.

Susan reveals the big reason why she wrote this book, and the reasons why pleasure into our everyday lives is so important (especially for moms!) and why our physical environment affects our mindset so much.

Susan also coaches Rachel around the need for positive self-talk when it comes to our bodies, and she gives her a challenge to choose pleasure, which you can do as well.

You’ll find out what Susan’s BARE coaching certification is all about, what her views are on the need for certification in the coaching industry, how she got started in this field many years ago, and so much more!

To order your own copy (or copies!) of Susan’s new book, BARE, and to receive the amazing bonuses she mentions in this episode, go to https://letsgetbare.com/book/.

For all the details on Susan’s BARE Tour Lineup, visit http://baretour.pages.ontraport.net/lineup 

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Book Mentioned:

Becoming A Millionaire God’s Way by C.Thomas Anderson