Ep: 105 Content to Clients featuring Amanda Bucci

Are you wondering how you can build your brand and create content that brings you paying clients? You can do this, and today’s guest is the person to get you started.

When it comes to business, Amanda Bucci is an absolute BOSS, and she joins Rachel today to share her business and brand building - not to mention her amazing energy!

Amanda got her start online in the fitness industry, and she shares how she grew her audience with the help of a YouTube channel that had more than 500 videos on it.

When she got really intentional about building her business though, the real changes started happening…

Amanda now has a 7-figure business selling her products and coaching services, and she reveals what she’s done to get to where she is today.

What she has to share today will apply to even new business owners whose audience may be small and not yet engaged. Don’t know what to say to your audience yet? Everything is content and everyone has a story to share, and Amanda gives amazing strategies for creating content (including how you can create enough content for an entire month in less than 30 minutes)!

As you’ll hear, you don’t have to be doing something new every single day to share with your audience, but you do need to show up, and whatever you’re doing is going to resonate with the right people.

Amanda talks about how she makes people feel connected to her even with such a large audience, what “Growth Mode” means to her, and so much more in this one!

If want to dive deeper into what Amanda can teach you about building and scaling your business with more clients, you can sign-up for her free 5-day Content To Clients Challenge at https://www.amandabucci.com/content2clients/!

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