E:75 How to Create Your Signature Message in 3 Words ft. Michelle Mazur

As an entrepreneur, communication is KEY! How do we communicate our message though to our potential clients? To help answer this question is today’s guest, Dr. Michelle Mazur. She is a speech coach, and master at effective storytelling who is teaching others how to start their own rebellion (using 3 words)!

In this episode you’ll hear how to get booked for $10k speaking engagements, as well as Michelle’s pricing and negotiation strategies for speakers. She also talks about the importance of developing a platform and a following online, and whether or not engagement actually matters. Michelle also reveals how to determine what speaking events to target, and how to start designing a business model for you speaking business.

You’re also going to hear her framework for crafting your very own signature message, her thoughts on leadership, and so much more in this episode!

Do you want to create your own 3 word rebellion? To find out how to get started, check out http://3wordrebellion.com/.

For more information about Michelle, visit her website at https://drmichellemazur.com/ and to learn more about how you can work with her 1-on-1, go to https://drmichellemazur.com/work-with-me/3-word-rebellion-intensive!


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