E: 74 Why Self-Help Books Don’t Help ft. Dr. Sasha Heinz

In this episode you’re going to hear Rachel have a fan girl moment, as she’s talking about positive psychology, life coaching, identity and so much more with the amazing Dr. Sasha Heinz.

Sasha was one of the very first people in the entire nation to receive a degree in positive psychology, and she shares her journey and why she loves what she does for a living so much. You’ll hear her thoughts on healing wounds, what Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (or “CBT”) is all about and why it’s so powerful.

Sasha talks a lot about identity in this episode, particularly the link between our identity and the results we see in our lives. What is identity anyways? Here’s just a sample of a great quote you’ll hear from her today:

“An identity is nothing more than a sentence in your brain that you’ve thought so many times, it becomes embedded in your brain.”

She’s also going to share her expertise on whether an identity actually changes based on the season of life we’re in, and Rachel reveals her own personal experiences around identity. You’re going to learn why self-help book aren’t helping you, the mindset shifts needed to break through income plateaus and whether a certification is really needed to be a life coach!

You can learn more about Dr. Sasha Heinz at http://drsashaheinz.com/ and you connect with her on Instagram too, @drsashaheinz!



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