E:71 How to Stick with Anything You Desire

Are you waiting for the circumstances to be “just right” or “perfect” in order to do the things that you know you’re supposed to do? In this episode, Rachel will be talking about how to get started - and to keep going!

You’ll hear about Rachel’s personal struggles because there have been many times in her journey as not just an entrepreneur, but as a marine and a wife, that she’s felt like she couldn’t stick with it and keep going.

Rachel reveals the steps and strategies that she uses, but it will be different for everyone. Remember that your own business will reach the goals that you set, but it just might not happen the way that you were expecting it to happen. So what if you just surrendered to the process, the journey and what intuitively felt good for you?

You can stick with the things you want, and whether you feel confident or not, it’s all about creating the right habits!

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