E:70 Does Exercise Make You a Better Entrepreneur ft. Tanya Silva

In this episode you’ll be hearing a very candid conversation between Rachel and Tanya Silva (aka @dietjunkE on Instagram)! Tanya will be helping to answer the big question: does exercise make you a better entrepreneur? Body image, self-love, judgment of others and transformation – it’s all here on this episode of Real Talk!

Rachel and Tanya discuss a lot today, including:

• The body positive movement that’s happening – and why it’s both beautiful and confusing

• Why Tanya likes to eliminate labels, and the one word that triggers people because of the meaning we attach to it…

• Rachel’s own journey with eating, exercise, self-love and body image

• The effect of judging (ourselves and others)

• Why Tanya feels that exercise should be “delicious” and how we can do this

• What are movement patterns and why the matter so much

• Where Tanya gets her best business ideas, a deep secret of the fitness industry, the true way to transform and a whole lot more!

You can learn more about Tanya at her website http://tanyasilva.com/ and on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/dietjunkE/

Books mentioned: Judgment Detox by Gabrielle Bernstein → https://gabbybernstein.com/bookgift/

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