E:69 Believing Bigger ft. Marshawn Evans Daniels

Today’s episode is a special one, as Rachel welcomes the Reinvention Strategist and author of the new book, Believe Bigger, Marshawn Evans Daniels. Not only does she talk all about this amazing (life changing!) book, but if you listen right to the very end of this episode, Rachel is going to offer a guarantee and endorsement that she has never done before for any book.

Rachel and Marshawn dive deep on so many topics today, including:

• A conversation about transparency - and why Rachel had to apologize to Marshawn for a social media post she wrote!

• The experience that led to Marshawn not trusting coaches – and how she overcome this

• How she reconciles The Law of Attraction, manifestation and intuition with being a Christian

• The ways that Marshawn has been able to develop a championship mindset

• Why she says that no one can ever truly copy you

• Her “lightning bulb moment” that told her who she should be working with

• The difference between picking our calling and surrendering to it

• Why understanding our own intuition is so important

• What Marshawn means when she says that she had to “break up with herself” and so much more!

Find out more about Marshawn’s book, Believe Bigger AND redeem purchase for amazing bonuses, visit: http://www.believebigger.com/

You can learn all about Marshawn by visiting https://marshawn.com/

and connect with her on social media at:




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