E:30 5 Step Planning Process

Craving organization and systems but at the same time the idea of being tied down to anything makes you want to run for the hills?

I feel your pain! You want things planned out but you always want creative control to live in the moment which is why even though you like the sound of scheduling your social media posts, you never get around to doing that because you feel like it’s going to take away the spontaneity and authenticity of your life and business. Right?

But then on the flip side, you don’t plan or schedule your social media so you end up being inconsistent because we don’t always feel like showing up in the moment.

Look, building a business is NOT easy.

It actually requires WORK.

And I know we’ve all seen the posts the laptop life and how we’re all working from the beach and always on vacation. But what you don’t see if when those same entrepreneurs who are perpetually on vacation are awake at 2am doing the work.

Those pretty posts you see on Instagram accounts that have tens and hundreds of thousands of followers are not random. They are the result of strategic planning and intention.

That's why in this episode I give you 5 steps to start planning and becoming the pro in your business that I know deep down you are.


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