E:48 The Behind the Scenes of a 7-Figure Business with Angie Lee

Want to hear the real nitty gritty stuff that comes with running a 7-figure business?

In this episode Rachel chats with Angie Lee, the host of the Rich Bitch podcast. They’re talking about what REALLY goes on in the online space today, how Angie navigates a successful partnership, the systems they use and the recipe for building a truly engaged audience!

Want more of Angie? Check out her podcast at: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/podcast/rich-bitch-female-entrepreneurship-money-bank-account/id1178232410?mt=2 On Instagram: @richbitch.tv

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Episode #44 3 Takeaways from my $25,000 Mastermind Retreat

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E:46 Why Schedules Don't Work

Ever wondered why you can't seem to stick to a schedule?

In today's episode Rachel talks about why schedules don't work and gives you 4 tips to create more effective, efficient schedules.

You can get the Profitable To Do List Rachel mentions in this episode by visiting http://www.rachelluna.biz/profitable

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E:45 5 Mistakes You're Making with Affirmations

Ever struggle to write your affirmations? Wonder if they're actually making a difference? My guest today, Mary Hyatt is sharing 5 Mistakes You're Making with Your Affirmations. Not only does Mary share 5 incredible tips but she always breaks down a powerful strategy to supercharge your affirmations which I LOVED including an app for creating your own voice affirmations.

Give it a listen now. Links + Apps Mentioned in this Episode: 



Think Up App http://thinkup.me/

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E:44 3 Takeaways from my $25,000 Mastermind Retreat

In this episode Rachel shares 3 major takeaways from her $25,000 mastermind retreat experience with James Wedmore's Inner Circle. Rachel also talks about financial planning, coachability and the equitable system she and her husband are now using to make life and business decisions together. Links mentioned in this show:




E:42 Is It Time To Ditch Your Home Office

Is it time to ditch your home office? In this episode Rachel shares her experience making the transition from working on a folding TV table in her living room to paying rent for a commercial space.

She shares the pros and cons as well as what she pays each month at her current space and what she was paying at other work locations.

If you've ever felt uninspired about your business, give this episode a listen. It may be exactly what you need to hear to start making a shift today!

Links mentioned in the show:

rachelluna.biz/profitable leveloffice.com