E:64 Q+A Aftershow

BONUS EPISODE! Eavesdrop while Rachel answers questions on an Instagram Livestream.

Topics include: How to Increase Sales Mid-Launch How to Find your Why How Important is a Vision to the Business How Rachel maps out her Vision How to Create a Strategic Vision plan and more!

Grab your REPLAY of Rachel's 3-Hr 2018 Strategic Vision Planning Party Workshop at http://www.rachelluna.biz/visionplanning

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E:62 How to Stop Feeling like Sh_t ft. Andrea Owen

If you've ever had one of those days or weeks or months where you just can't stop feeling like sh*t, then today's episode is for you!

Rachel is talking to her dear friend, Andrea Owen, author of How to Stop Feeling Like Sh*t.

The ladies dish on:

- How to Overcome Fraudy Feelings

- How to Accept a Compliment

- What to do When People Judge you

And so much more. In fact, this episode has a special After Show bonus where the two talk about how to write and finish books, and more! DIVE IN NOW!

E:61 18 Ways to Make More Money in 2018

Happy New Year! Get ready to start the New Year with new ways to generate more money.

We have all left money on the table at one time or another. In today's episode Rachel shares 18 ways to make more money in 2018.

Taken straight from the pages of the notes from her most recent mastermind retreat, Rachel shares income generating strategies from multiple six and seven figure entrepreneurs.

To get a PDF copy of the 18 money makers, go to http://www.rachelluna.biz/18ways

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Other honorable mentions in this episode - Matt from PodAssist.com Zach (Rachel's work husband) from Heart Soul Hustle Podcast

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E:60 How To Handle Refund Requests

In this episode Rachel covers:

- How to Handle Refund Requests

- What it Means when someone asks for a refund

- How to De-escalate a Situation

- and how she gave someone a refund even though they didn't ask for one.

As usual, Rachel gives you the real, no BS talk about the ins and outs of running a business online.

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E: 58 Confidence, Self Love & Hormone Havoc

In this episode Rachel brings on #loyalLUNAticlistener Ashley Laws to talk about Confidence, Self Love & Hormone Havoc.

Rachel shares her own struggles in feeling confident as she gets closer to 40 and Ashley shares how she overcome her eating disorders and negative body image.

Resources mentioned in this episode: Real Talk with Rachel Luna episode #54 Unusually Blessed Month ft. Tiphani Montgomery

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E:57 Moving Past Fear to Do BIG things

Are you 98% done with a project but fear is stopping you from following through and releasing it into the world?

In today's episode Rachel records a voice response to one of her clients and brings you along for the journey. You'll get powerful questions to ask yourself to help you shift and release your fears so that you can take courageous action, inspire more confidence in yourself and ultimately serve more people at a bigger level.

Want to learn how to manifest more of what you want, FASTER?

Looking for a way to jumpstart and activate your faith, blessings, and abundance? Then check out Rachel's FAITH ACTIVATED: Journaling Experiment

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This is a life-changing experiment that will help you discover who you truly are, reconnect with your purpose, find your voice and help you get everything you want, faster than you can imagine possible.