E:42 Is It Time To Ditch Your Home Office

Is it time to ditch your home office? In this episode Rachel shares her experience making the transition from working on a folding TV table in her living room to paying rent for a commercial space.

She shares the pros and cons as well as what she pays each month at her current space and what she was paying at other work locations.

If you've ever felt uninspired about your business, give this episode a listen. It may be exactly what you need to hear to start making a shift today!

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rachelluna.biz/profitable leveloffice.com




E:38 What's Working in My Business (Summer 2017)

In this episode Rachel shares 10 things that are working super well in her business this Summer 2017.

Packed with both tactical and non-tactical steps, Rachel gives you an inside look on her business, talks about failures and gives you free resources to help you find more of what's working in your business.

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E:37 What to do When You Feel Like a Fraud

In this episode Rachel reads a page from her 2013 journal where she poured her heart and soul out about feeling like a fraud.

Listen to learn why Rachel is glad she didn't quit when she wanted to, why YOU aren't a fraud and 3 steps to help you stop feeling like a fraud immediately if not sooner.

To read the full blog, visit http://www.rachelluna.biz/blog-content/2016/10/24/feeling-like-a-fraud-read-this  

E:36 How to Get Your Partner On Board

"I'm not a role model!" In this episode Rachel makes a plea to her listeners not to see her as a role model or example for a great marriage,

and instead challenges all to take each day as a momentary choice.

She talks about some of the struggles she and her husband have faced and offers up 4 Tips on How to Get Your Partner on Board.

Rachel also introduces her Feel Good Sales Society which begins on June 26. 

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