I remember being told once, "You can have anything you want, but you can't have everything all at once."  The person went on to use the analogy of being at a buffet where you could literally put anything on your plate; heck, you could have a sample of every single item in the place - but you couldn't have it all at the same time, on one plate.

This made perfect sense to me.  It freed me up of the guilt and fear that I didn't have it all and might never have it all - even though I desperately wanted to have it all!

This logic propelled me into a lifestyle of choosing this OR that.  Always reminding myself, "You can't have it all at the same time on the same plate."

But one day something in me changed.  All of a sudden either / or simply wasn't good enough for me.  I wanted this AND that.  I didn't want to keep choosing between the things I already had, the things that mattered most, and the things I desired,

I wanted it all, and I wanted it all in this lifetime!

Do you feel the same way?

Are you tired of choosing between this or that?

Does the idea of settling for mediocrity, yet the struggle of not knowing how to advance beyond your current reality drive you crazy?

Would you like to remove the blocks, boundaries and barriers that are holding you back from having it all?

If so, then it's time TO ACTIVATE YOUR FAITH!

You've heard it time and again - "Be the CEO of your life" but what if being the CEO isn't enough?  What if what you really need to become is a MAD SCIENTIST?

Someone who is wildly driven by passion to seek answers to some of the most challenging questions, to conduct experiments with intense curiosity and to have the drive & commitment that have created life-changing innovations like electricity, the internet and the humble nail. 

Go on - think for a moment how our walls would crumble without a nail holding them together. 

These are the kind of discoveries you'll make when you take the Faith Activated Journal Experiment.

There's no question that once you open yourself up to the practice and art of journaling, your life will radically begin to shift.  As you dive into this experiment you will:

  • Identify the nails in your life - the ones holding you up as well as the ones keeping you nailed down.
  • Discover the beliefs that have gotten you to this point in your life but are no longer serving you.
  • Manifest the most amazing results that you can't even imagine as you're reading these words.

Trust me, I know what it's like to feel as though you don't have a vision; to feel as though your dreams are nearly impossible and the things you desire are random passing thoughts.  But that's not the case at all.


Your vision will become unlocked and your dreams will shift into reality when you start to give them the time, attention and intention they deserve and require.

the faith activated journal experiment will unlock your BLESSINGS and generate life-changing results



  •  Ready to have a year filled with blessing after blessing (think to yourself, 2018 is going to be an unusually blessed year!)
  • Willing and open to get uncomfortable and vulnerable with yourself (your journal is completely private and no one will be looking at your paper)
  • Someone whose faith has wavered a bit and are excited for a revival
  • Looking to unlock your creativity (even if sometimes you feel like it's non-existent, you're secretly hoping it's in there)
  • Excited about approaching life as an experiment where there is no failure - only feedback!
Every time I journal I see a huge difference in my focus. - Charissa DaSilva



  • are cynical, critical, judgmental and see the glass half empty
  • aren't willing to try new things
  • are comfortable with mediocrity and don't mind settling for less
  • refuse to get vulnerable with yourself
  • won't allow yourself to have a momentary breakdown for a lifelong breakthrough
  • 12 Months of Journal Prompts (delivered each week), to help activate your faith, blessings, abundance and results in 4 Major Categories: Mindset, Money, Relationships & Business
  • "The CORE" - A series of audio lessons that teach you the best methods and techniques for effective journaling and powerful manifestations.  You'll also learn how to combat the resistance that many people experience when they try to make journaling a part of their lives. (FYI there's no right or wrong way to journal and each month I'll show you how to try a different technique to supercharge your results).
  • Exclusive sneak peeks into my private journals to spark inspiration
  • Weekly Check-Ins to help gently remind you to track your progress with your experiment
  • Private Community where you can share your journal entries (if you choose) or simply get inspiration on how to leverage your own experiment experience (YOU call the shots on how this experiment plays out for you)
  • Pop-Up livestream interviews with avid journalers who will share their rituals, tips and tricks for staying consistent with journaling as well as sneak peeks into THEIR journals!
  • BONUS: Bending Time Audio Training - Taken from my Consistency Incubator Experience, this audio lesson will teach you how to bend time so that you don't feel guilty about the time you'll spend journaling when you think you should be doing something else

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I wish I could bottle her around and carry her with me wherever I go.

Just about every client I work with says some variation of that quote - "I wish I could take you with me,"  or "What would Rachel ask?"

One of my greatest gifts as a coach is my unique ability to ask the most thought-provoking, in-depth questions that get right to the root of the issue - the REAL issue - and create fast breakthroughs for my clients.  I'm typically the 911, first-responder, emergency call or text my clients make when they are stuck in life, business and even relationship situations that feel almost impossible to climb out of.

In the Faith Activated Journal Experiment I bring my decade of experience as a Certified Professional Life & Business Coach along with nearly 30 years of practice in the art of journaling and writing into one experiment to help you have breakthrough after breakthrough so that you can create the life you truly desire and ultimately HAVE IT ALL - when you want it, how you want it.

I guarantee that if and when you make journaling a consistent practice in your life, you will see an activation of blessings, faith, abundance and results unlike any other to date.

(To learn my whole life story, you can go HERE, but FIRST, JOIN THE FAITH ACTIVATED JOURNAL EXPERIENCE)

you can have it all, whenever you want, however you want. and you can have it all now!

The Nitty Gritty Details (aka FAQ's)


We don't really have time to list ALLLLLL that you'll get out of the experiment because truthfully, that's up to you.  But what I know for sure is that when you show up for yourself and this experiment, you'll unlock the answers to the questions you didn't even know you should be asking yourself.  You'll activate faith, belief and knowing not just in yourself, but also in your dreams and your ability to make them your reality.  

You'll learn not just one, but various, techniques and journal practices so that you can choose the one that feels most intuitive to you and allows you to connect with yourself at the deepest level.  Oh yes, this will require you to get intimate with yourself and I promise, if you do this work, you'll learn how to connect and fall in love with yourself in such a way that will leave you feeling fulfilled and COMPLETE.

You'll received guided prompts and techniques plus, I'll even share examples from my private journals - my real journals, not some staged journal pages created for photos.

Some of my closest and most successful friends have also agreed to get in on the experiment and will be sharing their own journal pages, routines, rituals and techniques with you so that you can evidence that journaling DOES work!

If none of this sounds amazing and super exciting to you then this experiment is not for you.


Your welcome email will give you details as to what all you'll need to get the MAXIMUM results from this experience, but for the most part, all you'll need is email access, a notebook of your choice to use as your journal for this experiment and your favorite pen, pencil, colored markers, or writing tool. 

One of the video/audio training lessons will show you how to create art/creative journals and the supplies needed if you want to try that style, but that's not a requirement for you to get amazing results.  Good old pen/pencil & paper are just as powerful!


Welcome and congratulations!  The fact that you want to start incorporating this powerful process into your life tells me that you're a super star on the rising and this experiment will only help brighten your shine.

I'll be guiding you every step of the way with your prompts, so simply relax, sit back and enjoy the writing process ;-) And p.s. There's no right or wrong way - I promise you can't and won't mess this up (unless you don't show up, in which case there's nothing I can do to help you there, friend).


Well they there fellow journal lover, you're in great company (wink, wink).  Chances are you will know most or all of the tips and techniques I share throughout the experiment, but I know that when we're used to doing something at times the practice can feel stale or mechanical.  This experiment will be an opportunity for you to challenge and stretch yourself - maybe set a goal to manifest more than you ever have before or perhaps try a different journaling technique you've avoided in the past.

When you become a member of the Faith Activated Journal Experience, you'll get to show up at a higher level and get the confirmation that you know exactly what you're doing and everything you want is already in your life!  Kudos to you, gorgeous!


That's all on you.  If you're someone who REALLY struggles to set time aside, the Bending Time Bonus will give you tips and techniques to overcome that.  And if you REALLY, REALLY don't have time, then I suggest you simply set aside 5 minutes per day to write one to two sentences and slowly build your way up from that.

You call the shots.  This is YOUR experiment.  I'm just here to provide steps, inspiration, and encouragement.  Ultimately, YOU get to decide what you want, how you want, and when you want!


As soon as you become a member you'll receive an invitation to join our community and get instant access to journal prompts.  Shortly thereafter you'll receive an email with your member's portal login information and access to The Core, prompt PDFs and more!  


If you have an extenuating circumstance you can email me at On a very limited case by case basis we may consider a special payment plan request.  


First of all, you'd be crazy to request a refund.  The only people who ever ask for refunds are those who don't do the work, and FYI - I make you do the work. So if you send us your 30 days of journal entries completed and still feel like you didn't experience clarity, breakthrough or aha moments, we'll give you your money back.

I make it hard because I want you to DO THE WORK and get the breakthroughs.  I have yet to have anyone in our journaling experiment tell me they didn't experience a shift from taking at least 5 minutes to write an entry.  I promise, you will see results if you show up.