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Let me be straight up and tell ya, while I LOVE to get snail mail, I absolutely hate email.  Inbox 0 is my mission every day and in order to get that done, I've got super human assistants, aka my Junior Confidence Creators, who sort and filter for me.  To make sure we take care of you within 24-48 business hours take a peek below and see what feels right for you.

Want to share your success story or tell me how something I've created has impacted you? 

I LOVE YOU!  You're one of my LUNATICS and I want to personally read your message!  Fill out the form below and select, "I'm a LUNATIC."  Your email will automatically get dropped into my personal inbox.  Let the record show, while I would love to write you back personally, I might not get to it for a few weeks.  But I promise, I will!  I always do.  Thank you for being you and for taking the time to share your story with me.  You matter to me and I'm grateful you are here!

Want to Interview Me? Sweet.  

I love interviews, but just like you, time is an limited resource and a girl has to have her standards. Here we go. 

  • I do NOT do summits.  I'm sure your summit is ah-mazing, but it's not my jam.  Save yourself the time, invite some other brilliant expert, it's a HARD NO for me.
  • I will NOT give away interviews or content as an expert for your paid program or opt-in offer.  If you want to hire me to create content or show up as an expert for your offers, then let's definitely connect.  Email my team at info@rachelluna.bizwith subject: Expert Content Provider and we can hammer out the details.

I typically say yes to:

  • Podcast interviews around the topics of business confidence, clarity, consistency, focus, time management, self-publishing a book, affiliate marketing, and mindset.
  • Requests from people who have taken any of my courses or hired me for 1:1 coaching.  You've invested in me, it's my pleasure to give back to you.
  • Requests from people who have an audience similar to mine: powerful female entrepreneurs who want to make a big impact in the world.

For the record, I may or may not promote the interview.  9 times out of 10, I'm super happy to share the interview with my audience via social media, my blog, or my list, but I do not guarantee nor can I commit to a solo email promoting our interview.  

Still want to interview me and you aren't compromising my standards?  Awesome!!! Email my team at info@rachelluna.biz (or fill out the form below) and use subject line: Interview Rachel

Want me to Promote Your Awesome Thing? Again, I know you've created something absolutely phenomenal but unless I've been a past student of yours, you've personally coached or mentored me around the area or I've personally asked to support your promotion, it's a HARD NO.  I've spent years carefully curating my list of phenomenal LUNATICS and I'm very protective over them.  I only endorse, promote and personally recommend products, programs, and services I have personally used and gotten results from.  Thanks for understanding that integrity and authenticity in sales and service are of the utmost importance to me.

Found a typo or broken link?  Yep! We definitely want to know about it (but please be nice, after all, we all make mistakes).  Email my team at info@rachelluna.biz and tell us where you originally clicked to get to the error.  Screenshots are also appreciated so we can fix it for you ASAP.

Want to know what I use to run my business?  Click here to get a list of all my favorite things that help keep my business running right and tight.

Hosting a Team Retreat or Live Event and Want me to Rock the Stage? Awesome!! That's my FAVORITE thing to do.  I love running my mouth and inspiring audiences all around the globe.  Fill out the form below and select HIRE RACHEL TO SPEAK.  My team and I will discuss your request the following Monday during our team call after we receive it and get back to you within a day or so after that.

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