How to Make Your To Do List Profitable (FREE DOWNLOAD)

Are you grinding all day, trying to tackle your to-do list, only to discover that your income isn’t matching your efforts?

Have you gone “all in” on planners and scheduling systems but still can’t get a grip on what to do first and most importantly, what to do to drive sales and income in your business?

You’re not alone.  One of the biggest struggles I’ve heard from clients and readers is that they feel like they’re working hard all day long but not getting the leads, results or sales they want.  

FACT:  If you’re not approaching your daily to-do list or daily planner (whatever you’re using to map out your day) from a profit generating perspective, you’re losing money.

Don’t worry friend, help is on the way!  Today I'm giving you...

4 Tips to Make Your To-Do List Profitable


If find yourself struggling to decide what to get done first because you have a million ideas or you’re easily distracted throughout the day and find yourself getting stuck, then you, my friend,need to start brain dumping!

Your thoughts and ideas are like little kids (or fur babies, if you will) - they need your time & attention and they will persist until they get it.  And that’s where brain dumping comes into play.

Simply write down every thought, idea, worry, and task that's on your mind.

I recommend you do this at the end of each evening as it's been proven to help you sleep better. It will also help eliminate distracting thoughts and help you decide which tasks, thoughts and ideas are priorities and which simply need to be acknowledged.

If you’re the type of person who bounces back from one activity to another, then you might want to brain dump a few times a day and then get back to the real task at hand.


Once you’ve given attention to and acknowledged your thoughts, ideas and action items, review your list and identify the profit generating activities.

Your profit generating activities are those that will directly result in a sale.  For example:

  • Inviting someone to sign up for your program or buy your product is a profit generating activity.
  • Writing copy for a sales page is a profit generating activity.

  • Following up with a prospect or interest and making the offer is a profit generating activity.

Identifying your profit generating activities can be tricky sometimes because for example, you might think “building relationships on Facebook” is a profit generating activity, but it’s not! That’s an operational activity.  

You need to do those operational activities to drive your business forward, but it doesn’t directly result in a sale until you extend a call to action for the person to buy from you.

Other examples of operation activities might include:

  • Creating posts for social media
  • Answering emails

  • Creating training materials for your team

Take a look at that brain dump, or if you’re feeling brave, spend 2-3 minutes right now reviewing the last few days.  How much of your day was spent on profit generating tasks and how much was spent on operational or other miscellaneous tasks?

3. Create One New Boundary

As a Certified Professional Coach for the last decade, I’ve worked with hundreds of clients and a common theme among service-centered people like you and I is that we’re fine letting ourselves down, but we hate to let others down.

As a result, if we’re not careful, we find ourselves saying “yes” to way more than we should and sacrificing our time to help others rather than prioritizing our own projects, goals, dreams and desires.  That’s costing you money!

It’s wonderful to be of service to others, but darling, please, for the sake of your dreams, create some boundaries!

I challenge you to create and set one new boundary today.  Say no to the next person who asks for help if it means you losing time to work on your business.  Set a rule with your partner that you’re allowed one hour per week to focus on your profit generating activities.  Politely bow out from being everything to everyone all of the time and make the commitment to be there for yourself, first!  Because you’re worth it!

4. Start With The Money in Mind

Finally, as you sit down to plan out your day or create your to do list for tomorrow, start with the money in mind.

Refer back to your list of profit generating activities and give those the highest priority spot in your day.  This is how you transform your ordinary, never-ending to do list into a Profitable To Do List!

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Here's to more productive, profitable days in your future.  Cheers!