Are you a High-Functioning Hot Mess?

Happy Friendship Friday!

I don't think "friendship friday" is a real day, but I'm declaring this and every Friday moving forward, FRIENDSHIP FRIDAY!So yesterday an interview that I did on my friend, Patrice Washington's Podcast (Redefining Wealth) dropped and it was HOT!

In fact, I got this text message from a friend who tuned in (see screenshots below)

Screen Shot 2019-03-22 at 9.06.45 AM.png
Screen Shot 2019-03-22 at 9.07.00 AM.png

She said it, I didn't.  You can listen HERE and judge for yourself.

Apparently, at one point in the interview I said,

"You might be a high-functioning mess."

Here are some other things I said in that interview.

Redefining wealth quotes.png

But let's get back to this high-functioning mess situation…

You see, I only know what a high-function mess looks like because I was once the conductor of the high-functioning hot mess express.

I looked like I was in control.

I knew how to show up on command, even when life was falling apart around me.

I had the game rigged when it came to looking like I had it all together, but would then secretly lock myself in the bathroom and cry (actually scream sob) into a towel so no one would hear me.

The thing about being a high-functioning hot mess is that while you might be able to fool the world, you can only fool yourself for so long.

REAL TALK: Everyone has some mess in their lives.

That's just life.  Think about it.

You take the time to clean the kitchen after dinner.  

...You put away the leftovers

...You wash the dishes.  

...You wipe down the countertops. 

You think your work is done, so you settle off to bed and call in a night.  

But somehow, when you wake up in the morning you find a plate, a cup, a fork or some other mess that wasn't there when you left.

How does that happen?  Why is it that no matter how much we clean, it somehow always manages to get messy again?


There's nothing wrong with having some mess in your life.  That mess becomes your message.

The problem with a high-functioning mess is that if you're not careful and paying attention to cleaning up house every day, (i.e. working on your mindset, building your confidence, aligning with your identity, mastering healthy habits etc)that mess becomes an overwhelming disaster.

I was an overwhelming disaster during those times when I'd hide in a closet to cry.

No one should have to cry in hiding.

No one should feel ashamed of their weakness.

No one should ever have to feel lonely, fearful or worried that they're "doing it wrong."

That's why Confidence Activated, my live event happening on June 1-2, 2019 in Atlanta, GA, is so important to me.

Because I know how painful it is to feel the pressure of looking like someone who has it all together but feeling like she's constantly missing the mark.

I remember how much I struggled to share my story and help others even though I could barely help myself.

NEWSFLASH: When you heal yourself, you get to help others heal.  But the wounded can't lead from the rear.

If you want to the type of person who "has it all together," then you must be in the habit of the following:

- having a clear vision

- being aligned with your identity

- knowing your message (and how to leverage your mess)

- walking in daily confident action

- mastering your mindset & knowing how to "clean your internal house" 

It also helps to know how to sell, manage your money and create wealth (because money doesn't necessarily buy you happiness but it does buy you time & freedom).

Friend, this is your personal invitation to join me at Confidence Activated on June 1-2, 2019 in Atlanta, GA.

Use the code: 25OFF to save 25% off your ticket.

You may have a ton of reasons why you don't think you can make it, but let me give you one reason why you should do everything in your power TO make it -


Answer the call.  Start with buying your ticket today and then let God sort out all the other logistical details.

We're activating our confidence and elevating our lives & businesses TOGETHER.

I'd love to see you (and your mess, lol) there!