Guess Who's Back

Whoa. It’s been almost 2 years since my last blog post…

Yikes. Let’s see how this goes.

So there I was this morning, in front of my laptop at 5am. I woke up at 4am READY. I mean ready to crush this day. On my agenda I had scheduled to send an email to my list, follow up with some potential sponsors for my upcoming event, Confidence Activated, and tie up some other loose ends before writing a few paragraphs in my (still not yet finished) book, Girl, Confident.

As I opened up my email service provider, I began to feel myself get nervous. I knew I’d have to write a subject line which has never been my strong suit. So I decided to try a little trick I read in a book. Basically, when you don’t know what to write, just write the first thing that comes to mind. Here’s how that went:


Or at least (for me) having to try to create compelling subject lines sucks.

I never feel like I'm getting it right.  

And what I discovered this morning at 5:06am (literally the time on the clock when I flipped open my laptop to write this email to you) is that because I never feel like I'm getting the subject lines right, it stops me from writing you emails.

REAL TALK: It used to me 4 HOURS to put together ONE email to send to you.

Four hours!

Nowadays it takes me about one hour, but the point is, it still takes me time and effort.  I'm still learning how to be the girl who cranks out inspiring emails (8 years of running an online business and this is still a skill that eludes me).

So...knowing that if the email subject line isn't "compelling" people won't open, I tend to shy away from investing the time to create the email at all.

Because about an hour after I send out that email, I get a report from Infusionsoft (my email provider. P.S. They suck. I recommend ConvertKit) telling me my open rates.

And those are usually lackluster…

And that my friend, is when I realized, I wasn’t writing an email, I was writing a blog! How did that happen? I hadn’t blogged in nearly two years!

So I copied the email, opened up my Squarespace (which is what I use for my website) and decided to dust off the old blog page and see where this takes us.

I make you ZERO promises. Maybe I’ll blog daily, maybe weekly, maybe monthly, or maybe this is just a one-time fluke and I’ll meet you back here in 2 years. Who knows?

I certainly don’t know and I’m ok with not knowing.

I’m ok with embracing uncertainty.

Among other things I choose not to care about knowing anymore are:

  • how well my subject lines are performing

  • email open rates

  • follower count

  • podcast download numbers

and anything else that makes me question whether or not my work is making an impact.

Look, it’s true: what you track and measure grows.

And yes, sponsors care about those numbers. But if trying paying attention to these numbers are crushing your creativity (like what was happening to me every time I tried to write an email), then STOP LOOKING.

Outsource that task to someone else on your team.

If you don’t have someone on your team, GET SOMEONE.

Level up.

Start before your ready (or before you can afford it).

My point in reviving my blog is to show you that you can choose whatever you want at any moment you choose. Today I chose to write a blog instead of agonizing over an email.

I’m still going to email my list and tell them about the blog.

I’m still going to go on Instagram and tell the people there about the email I sent that tells people about the blog I wrote.

I’m still going to show up in the way that feels most aligned in the moment because showing up at all counts for more than just thinking about showing up.

And speaking of showing up…

CA Speakers.jpg

If you haven’t gotten your ticket to Confidence Activated, my LIVE event happening in Atlanta, GA on June 1-2, 2019, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? BUY YOUR TICKET NOW.

VIP is already SOLD OUT.

Elite and General Admission tickets are selling out FAST.

Our room block at the hotel is 90% at capacity.

This is the #1 event for SMART Women (like yourself) who want to activate their confidence and elevate their business. And p.s. MEN are coming too. My husband will be in the room (and on stage with me to talk about how he went from being unsupportive about my business to my #1 cheerleader) as well as other husbands who are coming to support their women.

So grab a ticket for yourself, your best friend/partner/spouse/ whoever and GET IN THE ROOM.

Use the code: 25OFF for 25% off at checkout.

I’ll see you in Atlanta.


p.s. In case you’re wondering why I recommend ConvertKit over Infusionsoft even though I use infusionsoft, I’ll write a blog about that soon. But the short story is that Infusionsoft has massive deliverability issues, it’s overly complicated and is overpriced. I’ll tell you why I haven’t left in the blog. Stay tuned.