How to Be Undefinable

"I'm realizing that strange with you, is my new normal "

- said my assistant, Celita.

I'm strange, erratic, "crazy", and often impetuous.

I do things differently.

I'm all over the place. And yet I have it altogether... except when I don't.

I'm sensitive.

I'm callous.

I give no f*cks and at the same time, I give alll the f*cks.

Doctors have tried to diagnose me with this disorder and that illness and this syndrome.

And while I may be allll those things...


At all!

Strange, crazy, disordered - it's ALL NORMAL.

And it means NOTHING.

If you want to be undefinable, stop letting other people tell you who you are and how you should be living your life.

Don’t you understand that all the things that people try to tell you are wrong with you are the exact tools, gifts and weapons God has equipped you with to fulfill your purpose?

Every time you let someone’s opinion become your business, you diminish your purpose and your power.

Repeat after me,

Other people’s opinion of me is none of my business.

Now, get back to the thing you’ve been called to do. And the next time someone tries to put you in a box and define you based on their perceptions of the world, SHUT. IT. DOWN.

Lean in even more to what you’re doing and keep pressing on.

You’ve got this girl!

You are undefinable.