How to Find Your Unique Voice When Creating Content

Have you ever created something and just had that feeling like, “Dang, this is REALLY good.”

You know, that feeling that you’ve poured your heart and soul into a project to such an extent that it gave you the chills up and down your spine?

You sit back and envision the thousands of people who will look at your creation and whose lives will be being changed for the better because of what you brought to life?

That’s how I feel right in this moment, and it’s a feeling I haven’t gotten to experience often.

You see, when I “officially started by business full-time” back in late 2011 I dreamt of being the kind of coach, leader and influencer who would create award-winning, life-transforming content for my clients, subscribers, and random bypassers who might stumble upon my blog (like yourself) or my (now retired) YouTube Channel.

But I kept failing.

Everything I created felt sub-par; never quite good enough.  My videos were poorly edited, mostly filmed around my military on-base house, with terrible lighting.

My blogs were inconsistent at best and usually just a slight modification of a topic I had read elsewhere (I’m not proud but I do admit, I made the same mistake a lot of make - I “heavily borrowed” ideas from others).

Nothing I created felt brilliant.

As with most things, the more you do, the better you become.  And so overtime, I was able to find my own unique voice by doing these three things... 



If you're finding that you're starting to sound like your mentors or you're getting tempted on the regular to read someone else's content and then "borrow the theme" and turn it into your own, UNSUBSCRIBE, UNFOLLOW, STOP WATCHING.

Even if some of these people are your close friends, if you're looking at their stuff obsessively and comparing yourself to others, there's NO WAY you'll be able to pull out your original tone.  Trust.


Credit where credit is due, I got this little tip from my dear friend, Cara Alwill Leyba, best-selling author of the book, Girl Code (p.s. not to brag, but I'm proud to be a feature interview in that book.  wink, wink).

Many years ago Cara told me, "I don't pay attention to any of the online marketers.  I don't even know who the people you talk about are.  I stick with things I love like fashion and music and draw my inspiration from there."


Spend time LIVING, trying new hobbies, crossing over into other industries and I promise you'll find tons of opportunities to discover your unique voice.


This is the single most important tip for finding your unique voice.  TAKE A POSITION.  Have an opinion.  Stand for something or fall for anything!

When you take a position, a side, a stance - whatever you want to call it - your true voice comes out because you're leading with your heart and values.  So give it a try.  Think of a topic and decide what you think about it; CHALLENGE the paradigm, go against the grain... 

Or, go with the paradigm and defend it.  Show us why it's the standard and why any of us rebels should conform.  The point is, use YOUR voice to take a position.

As I've made these 3 tips a part of my practice, my own original content got better.

My confidence began to rise as I became a better writer and coach.  

But, even after having several successful launches of my courses like, The Confident Entrepreneur Academy, Profit without Products, and The Consistency Incubator,

I still judged myself harshly.

“It needs to be better.”

“Your slides suck.”

“Those worksheets look ghetto.”

On and on, I refused to show myself any kind of grace and focus on the results my clients and students were getting.


Today I’m writing to you from my living room so freakin’ proud of something I’ve created that if it weren’t pouring outside, I would literally be running up and down the streets with a sign that said,


Seriously.  I am THAT proud.

It’s called the $100k in 10 Days Profit Plan Challenge.  I believe it is some of my best, most intentional work to date, and I want to give it to you for FREE.

$100k in 10 days profit plan challenge.png

In this FREE 10 Day Challenge not only am I going to show you how to create a $100k Revenue plan, but I’m also going to give you the mindset tools and strategy to implement and execute the plan.

We’ve had over 400 people in more than a dozen industries including therapists, coaches, healers, health and fitness professionals, teachers - we even have a few in the group who haven’t started their business yet but are taking the right steps and planning ahead of time - take this challenge.

There’s a space and a place for YOU inside this challenge group.

Details to join coming soon, but for now, JOIN MY PRIVATE FB GROUP to be the first to know…






P.S. This challenge is NOT email based, so if you’re thinking, I want to be in a challenge but my inbox is already filled to the max, then don’t worry.  The entire challenge is taking place in my private FB group with videos, easy-to-complete worksheets and a very engaged community.  See you there.