What to Do When You Lack Clarity + Vision

I confess, I’ve been feeling like a fraud for a few weeks, and maybe even longer in my subconscious.

Here’s what happened.

A few days ago I literally got on my knees and prayed. I had been feeling this tug from the Lord for quite sometime - along with many, many messages (that I could never quite decode) from my Angels - that something bigger than me is brewing.

But because I've always been taught and teach the importance of having a vision, I found myself plagued by resistance. 

I couldn't see what this “big" thing was.  I had no “vision." 

There was simply a physical tug in my body and glimpses of possibilities.

This left me feeling incredibly frustrated, vulnerable and if I'm 100% honest - kind of like a fraud.

How could I tell my clients to work on their mission statements and create visions for their team members if I myself couldn't do what I was asking of them?  After all, people learn what we do, not what we say. 

Having this “blurred” vision left me feeling as though I were letting them and myself down.

While in prayer I heard God tell me, “Get on your knees.” 

I hesitated for a moment - after all, I was at my new office space, where other businesses have offices next to mine, and people could see directly inside through my window.

But then I decided to be obedient. I humbled myself before the Lord. I got on my knees and cast my ego and pride to the side.

I began to pray, "Lord, give me the focus and the commitment to work my most efficiently and effectively in the hours I have dedicated today to the work at hand…"

The next words that came out of my mouth surprised me…

"I don't need the vision, I just need the steps for today. Just give me the steps I need to take action on today. I trust tomorrow You will provide the next set of steps and as I walk each day, you will reveal the entire vision to me when I am ready to see it.”

As I heard the words in my heart, I was surprised and shocked.

I don’t need the vision.  I just need the steps for today!

All of a sudden I felt a weight lifting off my chest.

I didn’t need to see the big, “final” picture.  I just needed to take action for the day and the action would give me clues and ultimately the answer.

What happened later that afternoon completely rocked my world and shook me to my core.

While chatting with a friend I told of her my powerful prayer experience and how content I was totake action “without a vision.”  She chuckled and said, “Where do you want to be in10 years?”

I replied, “In 10 years…goodness.  Well, this morning while listening to an interview I had this daydream of what I want.”

As I recalled the moment earlier in my day, even before my prayer, I found myself feeling sucker punched.  I did have a vision.

My vision was so BIG it scared the lights out of me!

That’s why I had been stuck in resistance.  I was scared!  My dream was SO BIG that I couldn’t envision the “how” or the “what” or the “when” and that unknown triggered fears and doubts that I wasn’t acknowledging.

All of a sudden, I had clarity.

Just a few hours earlier and really for the last few months, even years,  I had felt visionless.  I envied those other people who knew exactly what they wanted.  It wasn’t fair, why was I in the dark?

But alas, I wasn’t in the dark. 

I was simply not willing to face my fear and by default I couldn’t face my vision!

If you’ve ever felt the way I was feeling, I want to challenge you today to do 3 things:

1. Grab this FREE Vision Map training from my Consistency Incubator Group Coaching Experience that I’m gifting you today.  You’ll see how my team and I use the Vision Map (yes, even though I said I didn’t feel like I had a vision, this tool is still very instrumental in my business and I reference it weekly) to drive my business forward and create culture and communication.

You’ll also get a blank template to build your own!

2. Surrender and ASK for the steps for today.  We want so badly to control things, to have all the answers, to know what’s coming ahead that we forget, as my mentor James Wedmore says, “to leave room for the magic.”  It was only after I surrendered and made peace with daily action being enough that I was able to see the vision.

3. Face Your Fear.  You may not feel like you have a vision, but I bet there’s a dream inside of you and that dream scares you.  Spend some time dreaming about what you would need in your life to be the kind of person who can make those dreams come true.


Remember, you're right where you're supposed to be and it's time to surrender and forgive yourself if you're not where you wanted to be by now.  You're getting there!!

You may already have a vision, or an inkling like I had and if so, I want to encourage you once more to go through this FREE TRAINING.


This may be just the tool you need to get clarity for your next steps.

You’ll get a look behind-the-scenes and see the very first Vision Map I ever created and how my team and I use the it (yes, even though I said I didn’t feel like I had a vision, this tool is still very instrumental in my business and I reference it weekly).

You’ll also get a blank template to build your own!

Grab it here and enjoy!

Alright, that’s all for today.  Remember that all you need are the steps for today to get clearer on where you ultimately want to be.


Love and confidence,