How MY depression can fuel YOUR income

My battle with depression is going to help YOU create a winning $100k Year Profit Plan

Let me give you the backstory…

2 yrs ago.  Something was happening.  

I was sad for no reason.  I was snapping all the time, easily agitated and frustrated.  A therapist confirmed it.  My depression was back after years of laying dormant.  Here it was, bubbling at the surface.

I don’t know if you’ve ever battled depression or if you’ve ever had a period in your life where every action you took felt like an uphill battle?  

Maybe you’ve had a situation where you’ve been at the highest point of desperation and frustration, thinking, “When will this pass and when can I get to where I want to go?”

That’s pretty much how I was feeling Every. Single. Day.

And yet, despite dealing with these feelings and emotions


Not because I’m some superhuman individual or because I’m a “strong” person.  On the contrary, I was emotionally falling apart almost every day.

No.  The reason my income was able to double despite what was going around in my head and around my world is because we had SYSTEMS & PROCESSES IN PLACE.

You see, in late 2015 I bum-rushed this guy named James Wedmore at a live event we were both attending.  Even though I knew him as “The YouTube Guy” I had heard from some close friends that undercover, he was a phenomenal business coach who had helped his clients build their businesses to 7-figures.

I wanted in on that.  Wouldn’t you??

Long story short, after some heavy pushing on my part, James finally agreed to take me on as a client and member of his Inner Circle Mastermind.  

On our first “official meeting” we went on a walk to the beach and I broke down.  

I told him how much pain I had been in, how I felt that I was treading water and how I knew I was capable of so much more but just couldn’t figure out what was standing in my way.

I looked him in the eye, with tears running down my cheeks and said,

"Just tell me what to do and I’ll do it."

That day James showed me what was possible - a life of freedom where you don’t have to work so damn hard to get phenomenal results.

Over the next year James taught me how to think differently, how to create systems and processes in my business that actually worked and that gave me the time freedom to focus on healing my depression.

And THAT my friend is how my income doubled while I overcame my depression!

Again, I don’t know if you are or have ever been where I was in 2015, but if you’re currently feeling like you know you’re capable of achieving more, but like me back then,you just need someone to tell you what to do, then I’m strongly encouraging and inviting you to JOIN ME for The Double 10 Challenge

You’ve probably done a ton of challenges, but this will be different - unlike any other challenge.  

We are doing TWO 10-Day Back-to-Back Sprint Challenges! 


Together, we will:

  • Break down all the ways you can (and will) create and generate your six-figure income.  
  • Clear out the blocks that have been standing in your way
  • Get organized so you have the time in your schedule to take the daily action necessary to execute your $100k Plan (that we create together!)
  • Have LIVE jam sessions to make sure you are right on schedule. (I'm a former Marine and no one gets left behind!)

I’m going to do for you exactly what I asked James to do for me;


I have paid James Wedmore over $35,000 for his mentorship and I’m going to share the same strategies he shared with me in this FREE challenge.

So that, by the end of the 10 days you are clear and feel confident on what you need to do to create the life you want.  

And after that, I’m going to hold your hand and we’re going to push into the second 10-Day Sprint Challenge.

I’m not going to give you the details on what’s waiting for you on otherside of that challenge but trust me, the second sprint is going to show you how to leverage the offers you identified in the first 10-day sprint challenge.

Can you imagine what your life can and will look like if in 20 days you develop a clear plan for creating six-figures and have the exact actions needed to leverage the plan?

This challenge is for you if: 

  • You know you were meant to play a much bigger game than the one you're playing right now. (I get it! That's how I felt!)
  • You want someone to simply tell you what to do and in what order to do it, so you can stop throwing spaghetti at the wall hoping something will stick. (Just like James did for me)
  • You are excited about the idea of having a six-figure plan at your fingertips and the support and guidance to help you execute it.
  • You're ready to put on your running shoes and sprint with me and other entrepreneurs just like you who were born to show up in a bigger way.

Look, if you’ve experienced any kind of frustrations like I have in the past, or if you haven't had any frustrations other than needing a clear plan and some support to put the pieces together, then THIS is the challenge for you.

We begin on Monday, April 3.  All you have to do to join is


Your guide to your $100k Plan is waiting for you inside there.  You simply have to show up and be ready to DO WHAT WE SAY!

Are you in?

I hope so, because when we work together, there will be NO stopping YOU!