My 90 Day Year Results


One eventful Tuesday I found myself spending the better part of a Tuesday in the hospital - at first in my primary care doctor’s office (who did absolutely nothing to help me) and then several hours later in the Emergency Room (where I finally got answers).

Luna's Lesson of the Day: Don’t be afraid to DEMAND a second opinion.

As it turns out, I needed to have surgery and the sooner the better.

If I had been in this same situation a the previous year, I would have completely panicked and lost my sh*t.

I would have worried how to keep my business running smoothly while on the mend.  I would have stressed about how I’d generate money if I had to take a month off from coaching my 1:1 clients.

In short, I probably would have argued with the doctor and postponed surgery for as long as possible.

But things were different.  

I had spent the previous 6 months completely revamping my business model. I up-leveled my team.  We put systems and structure in place.  And to keep it real, our systems are were not 100% perfect, but they worked and since then, we've continuously worked to make them better.

This shift in how we began operating led to a dramatic (and rather rapid) increase in revenue, more ease, more flow and enough peace of mind that the thought of being away from my business for a few weeks didn’t paralyze me.

That's the result of Todd Herman's 90 Day Year Program. And because the 90 Day Year was such a big part of my transformation, I wanted to take this opportunity to share with you some answers to questions I've gotten over the last year.

First of all, who the heck is Todd Herman?

In a nutshell, Todd is an expert high performance coach.  He’s made his mark by getting RESULTS for Olympic athletes, Fortune 500 companies and some of the top A-listers in the online space like Marie Forleo, Melanie Duncan, Amy Porterfield, and James Wedmore - just to name drop a few.

He’s all about the numbers + performance. 

Which is right up my alley because I’m all about confident action.

So I found Todd by chance on the very last day of his 90 Day Year Program being open.  

I literally joined the program about 4 hrs before the cart closed.  It was my first day getting to see or hear anything about him, but there was one thing I knew: 


Without as much due diligence as I probably should have, I threw caution to the wind and joined his June 2015 program and it’s been crazy momentum ever since.

I learned a new way to think about my business - more strategic, more focused, more aligned.

Todd teaches you to think in themes - which I love because who doesn’t love a theme party?!  80’s shin-dig anyone? 

My themes for my first 90 days were: Podcast, Systems + Launch.  

To give you some perspective, I’d been planning my podcast since October of 2014!  But I was dragging my feet, dragging my feet, dragging my feet!  By June 2015 I still hadn’t even finished recording my requisite 8 episodes to get the podcast off the ground.

And yet, by mid-July 2015, after just a few weeks of the 90 Day Year my podcast was launched!  Not only that, but we clocked in more than 4,000 downloads in that first month!


All of a sudden I could see there was something to this “themes” concept.

Next up, systems.  

In a random, laser coaching session with Todd (he’s known to randomly call his 90 Day Year students and coach them on the spot) he told me something I will never forget.  He said,

“Rachel, you need to hire A players.  You can’t take someone who’s a 30% and make them give 100%.  You might be able to take someone who’s at 70% and get them to 100%.  But you don’t have the luxury of time or resources right now - at your stage in business - to get someone there.  You need to hire A players to scale up your business.  And then, if your heart is still there to develop others, you can create an awesome internship program.”

What?  Stop hiring people overseas for $3/hr who’s excuse for not meeting deadlines was,

“I decided to go to the spa and get a message and then I took a nap but I must have been so relaxed I fell asleep for the entire night.”

True story.  Someone I hired from the Philippines gave me that excuse!

Invest more money in my business?  How the heck?!  I’m trying to keep profits here, Todd.  Mama has a dream house to buy.

But results don’t lie.  I had seen the “Todd Effect” on Amy Porterfield, Melanie Duncan, and James Wedmore - I wanted some of that.

So I did it.  I hired way outside my comfort zone.  And it paid off big time.

With an A player on my team, my new assistant and I became business goal crushers.  We set up systems, processes, and a legit way of tracking our projects.

And then we really knocked it out of the park with the inaugural launch of my program, The Confident Entrepreneur Academy.  

Thanks to using the 90 Day Year framework, we had benchmarks in place and when the cart closed we had generated over $52,000 in sales!

So to recap, in the first 90 days of my 90 Day Year Program experience:

  • I launched my podcast and hit over 4,000 downloads in the first month.

  • I hired a brand new team  A player team member [singular - ONE A player] (which led to massive flow and organization in my biz)

  • Launched my Confident Entrepreneur Academy with over $52,000 in sales.

That may or may not seem like a lot, but I can tell you that for me, we conquered mountains in those first 90 days.

Were there bumps and hiccups along the way?  Absolutely!  Sometimes it was a straight up challenge to put every goal through Todd’s model because the easier thing is to just state your goal and wing it.

But with Todd’s framework, there’s intention required and that takes a whole other level of commitment.  

If you want results, you’ll get intentional and running every outcome goal through the 4 w’s (who’s doing what, when and where) will be a no brainer.

6 months after first being introduced to the 90 Day Year Program I added an additional $83,000 in revenue!  

And yes, those results even shock me.

FOR THE RECORD: I’m not promising you’ll get these results.  I don’t know where you are in your business.

I came to the 90 Day Year Program with many, many, many courses under my belt.  I’m a proud student of Marie Forleo’s B-School (my very first online course).  I’ve studied with the best in marketing like Brendon Burchard and was personally mentored by Chalene Johnson.   

Not to mention, I had been in business for 4.5 years!

But what I am promising you is that if you’re willing to do the work and if you’re ready to achieve goals, then the 90 Day Year Program is something you should seriously consider when Todd opens doors again.

In full disclosure, I became an affiliate partner for Todd after having had the amazing results I had. When he opens doors to his program, I'll be offering some really cool bonuses for anyone who joins me in The 90 Day Year.

Again, doors are closed, but if you want to be part of my 90 Day Year Experience when they re-open, then hop on the waitlist HERE and I'll email you as soon as doors open.