4 Lessons for Self Discovery

One morning while sitting poolside, reading and journaling, I had a radical revelation.

I'd been on a journey of self-discovery for quite some time and was beginning to learn that breakthroughs aren't always BIG.

Sometimes you experience a small shift, a gentle "aha" moment that gets you one step closer to discovering you who are and what you truly want.

On this particular morning, I discovered 4 Lessons for Self-Discovery.


God is talking to you all day. Sit at least for 3 min in silence and let Him give you a nugget of wisdom.


Stay out of your head. Your mind will only get you emotionally drunk and the path to sobriety it tough. When you find yourself going down an emotional rabbit hole, STOP, breathe and say, 

"I'm noticing that I'm doing it again. I'm letting my emotions take me to a place I have no business visiting."

Then notice your breath and say "belly rising, belly falling" with each inhale and exhale.


Trust your intuition. Ego will tell you to feel emotions that your intuition warned you about from the very beginning.

4. (This one is my favorite) FOCUS ON THE GARDEN, NOT THE TREE. 

Just like Eve in the garden of Eden, sometimes we get fixated on one tree - the tree we have no business sitting under for shade, or grabbing fruit for nourishment or swinging from its branches for entertainment. 

We focus so much on that ONE tree, we forget that we have an entire garden of delicious ripe fruit, beautiful blooming flowers, and a bountiful harvest of nourishing greens - all at our fingertips.

Our obsession with that one tree is what keeps us from the abundant blessings God is putting right in our midst.

Let the tree go, the garden has so much more for you to enjoy and it will keep giving long after the tree has lost its leaves and bears no more fruit. 

Those are my lessons so far.  I hope these words inspire you to go on your own journey of self-discovery.