How to Create a Challenge that Builds your Biz

Hey Gorgeous,

I help entrepreneurs make more money, have more confidence, and make a bigger impact. I love to talk about confident action and money (who doesn’t love that?), but what I really want to talk to you about today is how to create a Challenge for your business in 3 simple steps.

You may be thinking, why do I need to create a challenge? Well I have 3 reasons for you:

  1. It helps builds your list (and if you aren’t building a list- do it now girll!)
  2. It helps establish your authority in your area of expertise
  3. It helps create community

Now, there are a bunch of other reasons to do a challenge, but those are my top three. For me, creating a challenge has been fun and super rewarding. The very first challenge I ever created was a 21 day – Get Anything You Want Challenge. It was successful, but the greatest part was the learning experience of what worked, and what needed to go. 

Here are the 3 easy steps that you can use to build your challenge:

  1. Make a decision. What is the length of your challenge? What will be your topic? I personally think 5 to 10 days is a good length. In my 21 day challenge I figured out that was a little bit too long. You need to give people a solution to their problem in a short amount of time, it makes them feel good and you can give people results in just a few days. When you go to choose a topic you want to make sure it’s a topic that you know like the back of your hand and is in your zone of genius. You also want to make sure it’s something your audience wants. How do you find that out? Go to Periscope- ask your followers if they are interested in your topic, trust me they will tell you!
  2. Plan and Schedule the time that you are going to take to create it. My favorite thing to do above and beyond writing (even though I am an author), I love to create an audio and just free spit it. I will plan out and take 2 days, and lay out the tracks to the content I want to create. From there, I have that transcribed and I go through and review and refine. If you don’t schedule the time out and batch it, you won’t get anything done.
  3. Create a goal for the challenge. You want to make sure there is an actual tangible result that you can promise and deliver on. We want to make sure there is a measurable takeaway because if you don’t have that end in mind result, you will have action steps but no clear promise.

Someone on Periscope recently asked me what I liked better- webinars or challenges? For me, I love webinars to get that real time vibe with my tribe, but a challenge is great for a list builder. When you do the challenge, you do not want to give them all the information up front. You want to give people teaser snippets and require them to sign up to get the full deets.

If you want to do a challenge and promote it without a following, I would suggest investing $5 a day and invest in some Facebook ads. Why? Because they work! Make sure you do this as an ad and not a boosted post.

So make sure to join me in my Confidence ChallengeHERE and learn to take confident action and build that list!

With Love & Confidence,