decision making 101

Decisions. Decisions. Decisions. I’ve had a ton of people messaging me asking me how I make decisions in my business – especially what to invest in and when.

Believe me, I completely understand how real that struggle is. Most of the things you see on the market – including things that I personally promote and offer (keeping it real) – are positioned to show you the value and make you feel like you absolutely must have it right now.

That’s marketing. And if you want a successful business, you’ve got to learn how to do that as well.

LET’S BE CLEAR: If you have the right intentions, you can position your offering in a very authentic way that creates urgency but isn’t scammy. And yes, it’s a very thin line, but one that you can master as you gain confidence in yourself and your offerings. Just want to make sure we’re clear on that.

Moving on. To help you make decisions in your business this week, I’ve got 2 resources for you.

A brand spankin’ new episode of Real Talk with Rachel Lunawhere we jump into Part 2 of The B-School vs Be True Brand You Showdown. If you’ve been struggling to decide which program is right for you, you might want to check out this episode and episode #18 which is the Part 1 of this series. (Listen on iTunes orStitcher)

Sidenote: If you already know you want in on B-School and you’re wondering what my affiliate bonuses are, you can check that out right HERE.

The second resource I have for you is a Vintage Episode of Tailor Made TV. In this video episode (run time of just 5 minutes 16 seconds) I break down the 5 Step Decision-Making process in my own business. I also help settle the MailChimp vs Infusionsoft debate. You can watch that episode right HERE.

There you have it friend. Short, sweet and to the point. 2 resources to help you make confident decisions in your business today!

I’ll chat with you on Thursday.

Love and confidence,