My 2017 Revenue Breakdown Plan

Recently I shared an Instagram story of my Life and Business Map and people raved.  They wanted to know where they could get the template for the Life Map, so naturally I gave you the break down in my Life & Business Mapping for 2017 post.

Well, then people wanted to know exactly how I was going to generate $500k in revenue.

Admittedly, this year my financial goals are aggressive and in full disclosure, my 2016 income wasn't even close to $500k.  But I also know that in 2016 I wasn't fully present or able to show up at full capacity (I'm sure I'll write about what was going on at some point).

As 2017 approaches I feel refreshed, reinvigorated and ready to dream and achieve WAY bigger than ever before.

To help me map this money goal I turned to a few of my close friends who are all multi-six and seven figure earners.  Shout out to Jenn Scalia and Zach Spuckler, each of whom helped me refine some of the elements of this plan.

Let's break it down.

(Full disclosure: Some details are blurred out for confidentiality)

(Full disclosure: Some details are blurred out for confidentiality)

Everything I do always starts with pen and paper.  And mapping out my revenue plan was no exception.  I'm a huge fan of the spiral bound sketch books from Target and Uniball Vision Fine Point Pens.  

Ok let's talk money.  For starters, I'll be relying on at least 10% of my revenue to come from affiliate marketing this year.  If you haven't been leveraging affiliate marketing then you are missing out, especially if you're like me and have purchased course after course.  You should be getting a cut back from your investments.  

If you're not familiar with affiliate marketing or want some tips on how to get started, grab my FREE affiliate marketing starter guide.  This will give you the basics on how to get started making money without having to create your own course, product or service.  Trust me, it's good!

This year I'll be focusing on two major affiliate promotions for courses that have been super impactful on my business and life, as well as a few smaller promotions for tools I use in my business like LeadPages and the Haute Chocolate Stock Photo Library

(See what I did there in the links above??  Those are affiliate links.  Gotta get 'em in where they fit in!)

Next, I'll be creating my first evergreen sequence. An evergreen sequence is basically taking one of your offers and putting it on automation so that it's consistently selling itself.  I'm expecting to generate about $60,000 for the year from this evergreen sequence.

By popular demand, this year I'll be opening time for more coaching work, which I'm really excited about because I LOVE COACHING!!!  One thing I learned this past year with my small group coaching clients was how impactful group coaching can be for the members.  The added accountability, support and simply getting feedback from your colleagues is such a value add.

For those reasons, I'll be opening 10 seats for 8-week group coaching sprints this year.  And believe me, $2,000 for 2 months with me is a steal.  That'll generate about $220,000 over the course of the year for me, but for my clients, it will be just as valuable, if not more.

Finally, the last $100,000 will come from private 1:1 coaching clients, small, in-person workshops (sooo fun!) and the launch of a new course (details coming later on that).  Admittedly, I'm super excited for those workshops and a special retreat I'm planning.  I get so energized from spending time with my clients in person.  The connection, the excitement, the ideas, the's almost magical!

I know my financial goals are AGGRESSIVE.  But they are so doable, IF I stay focused on adding VALUE and SERVICE and EXPERIENCE to my clients and community.

TIP: Focus on creating an experience for others in 2017 (and beyond).

One thing I learned in 2016 is that I can (and will moving forward) do a much better job of creating more experience for my clients.  The truth is, I have all these great ideas for how to give my gals and guys a better experience - i.e. sending gifts at the midpoint, personalized text messages, completion certificates - but my follow through hasn't been there.

Wow. I don't think I've ever publicly admitted that - after all, I am known for my productivity and for getting things done.  Just goes to show you, we all have weak links and areas we want to improve.

My path to $500,000 will be paved with continuous improvement and a focus on REFINING, creating EXPERIENCE, and delivering VALUE.

What will YOU create in 2017 and beyond and what does your revenue plan look like?  It's not too late to start mapping it out.  Here are 3 simple steps to create your own revenue plan.

STEP 1: Set Your Financial Goal for the Year

I recommend choosing a financial goal that scares you just a bit but that also makes you feel excited and expansive.  Also take into consideration what you are willing to give up to get that number.  And be sure, there is always an exchange - whether it's time, energy, resources etc - you'll have to give up some thing or some things to focus on generating that income.

Initially I had written $1.6 Million as my goal for 2017 but as I started to break down the numbers (in the next steps) I realized that I would have to put in way more time and energy than I wanted to.  For me, 2017 is all about EASE and to make a 10x jump like that, my team and I would have to create some major momentum which would mean giving up some family time that I'm not willing to give up.

TIP: Align your financial goals with your values.

STEP 2: Break it down into 4 Quarters

I'm a huge fan of Todd Herman's 90 Day Year Program and one of the most vital lessons I learned was the importance of breaking your year into quarterly increments.  It's so much easier to create a plan and a vision for a short term goal than it is for the long term.

After you complete step 1 and have your yearly financial goal, divide by 4 and set your quarterly revenue goal.  (Told you this was simple!)

STEP 3: Choose the path of Least Resistance

Finally, choose the path of least resistance.  What products, programs, services, offerings can you create or refine and offer to your audience?  How many units of each will you need to hit your quarterly goal?  Which offerings will bring you the most joy and fulfillment to deliver?

That's it!  These are the exact steps I took to come up to my $500k plan.  What felt good?  What felt easy?  What would bring me joy to deliver?  What would they love and want most?

Approach your revenue goal with JOY, map out the plan with EXCITEMENT and deliver with your BEST!  

I'm holing space for you to have your best year ever.

Love and blessings always,