Life & Business Mapping for 2017


It's that time of year know, time for you to get our your poster board and colored markers, your scissors and magazines and glue sticks and start going to town on your vision for the New Year!

Personally, I love a great vision board!  In fact, I'm guilty of creating several vision boards throughout the year.  What can I say, I love Sharpies!?  But this year I did something slightly different.

(Die hard vision boarders, look away, you might not like this).

This year I went digital.

Rather than cutting and pasting, I took notes from my coach, James Wedmore and my accountability partner, Zach Spuckler and followed their "BUSINESS BY DESIGN MAP."

Created by James Wedmore, inspired by Zach Spuckler

I chose to use this model because I loved the simplicity and one of my words for 2017 is EASE. I'm looking for the path of least resistance, the easiest way to get the best results... ease, ease, ease.

Could my life & business fit in 8 little squares?  Why yes, yes it could!

Using Haute Chocolate Stock Photo Library, Pinterest and Google Images, I found the photos I wanted to represent my life & business.  Then I used PicMonkey to create the collage and Canva to add an overlay and text.

Et voila!

I really enjoyed creating this version of a map for 2017 because of its simplicity and ability to tie in the elements that were so important to me (i.e. focusing on what I wanted to learn and my tithing goals).

If you want to look at a more in-depth break down of my $500k revenue plan for 2017,  you can read all about that in My 2017 Revenue Breakdown Plan. 

Now, the Life Map I created with my friend Jenna Soard, who by the way is an amazing designer and teacher, is a bit more complex, but is also fantastic for those of you who thrive on creating vision boards and really getting funky with your designs.

STEP 1: Download the Life Map Template

There's no opt-in required and you'll need the excel spreadsheet to get you started.

For the record, I'm not a fan of spreadsheets, but this wasn't nearly as painful as I thought it would be.  

Go through each line item and highlight whichever you feel ENTHUSIASTIC and WHATEVER IT TAKES about.  Don't waste your time with anything else. 

The final column (not shown in the pic) requires you to do a little soul-searching.  In that column, write a VERY specific goal. 

FYI, I got stumped on my first one because I knew what I wanted to feel but I wasn't sure what I needed to do to feel that way.  You've got to push past the resistance and DIG deep.  Get uncomfortable.  Don't settle for, "I don't know" as an answer.  Go there with yourself because no one else is watching or reading.

This is just for YOU.


Grab a piece of paper or a blank canvas online (PicMonkey and Canva work great) and split it into 4 quadrants - one for each section of the map. 

Start adding the visual images onto the page; one each to represent your goals.

Here's a peek at Jenna's Life Map.

Created by Jenna Soard from

Created by Jenna Soard from


Jenna is fancy and a super designer, so she used Photoshop Mix for Ipad (NOT recommended   unless you have Adobe Creative Cloud, and the Ipad Pencil...and even then it's sort of tricky).

**The EASIEST way to do this is either draw out little icons or cut them out of magazines.

Jenna's Life Map Goals for 2017:

  • Spend 6 months of year traveling in Europe, UK and Australia.
  • Develop a "For Purpose" organization that gives to worthwhile causes such as Habitat for Humanity and foster care programs
  • Consistently bring in $97,979 a month
  • Embrace divine feminine energy through spirituality
  • Create a pinup body that she loves. (She superimposed her head on Marilyn's bod)
  • Get more speaking engagements that make an impact.... maybe TED? But at least 3 workshops a year!
  • Dance 3-5x a week
  • Have enjoyable dinner parties with new friends
  • Hire a team of rockstars to support my business: social media content dev, project manager, assistant
  • And find her Jason Schwartzman - funny, sweet, motivated, successful, (age appropriate 30-42) who loves her a tiny bit more and wants to start a family asap!

FUN, right?!

Jenna and I had a blast working side by side as she created this Life Map.  Check out the video highlights from that day.


(And as a reminder, NEVER use Pinterest or Google Images for business use - this could get you in serious copyright drama and no one has time for that!  Some of my images came from the Haute Chocolate Stock Photo Library)


The final step is to post your map next to your bed or in your bathroom where you can see it and be reminded of your vision daily.

The images help with reminding you of the goal without you having to read!

That's it!  3 Simple Steps for Creating Your Life Map for 2017.  You'll probably need about 2hrs to create it, but it's well worth the time and LOTS of fun! 

I'd love to see what you create, so please post your Life Map or Business by Design Map on Instagram and tag me.  I'm @GirlConfident.

Cheers to your vision for 2017 and beyond!

Love and blessings,